We are Healthcare Communication Lab.

Our mission is to facilitate high quality communication that connects consumers, service providers, and manufacturers in the healthcare, care worker, and health promotion sectors.

To carry out this mission, we believe it is important to change our stance according to the audience and situation.

In other words, it is important to play the role of the media and create a space for communication; to play the role of a translator and make it easy for expert knowledge and information to be used; and to convey ideas after viewing and understanding things from the consumers’ and users’ perspective.




Peter Drucker once said, “Communication is perception, expectation, and demand, not information.”

“Communication” and “information” have an opposing but interdependent relationship. While regarding this as a symbolic teaching that must not be forgotten in the healthcare sector, we want to increase our existential value by doing work for people and society.

Healthcare Communication Lab was born out of a creative agency. Using our abilities nurtured to date in networking, collaboration, and creating, we believe we can create new communication that brings about transformation in people and society.